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Ramsgate Cross-Channel Ferry Service

The Past...

The cross-channel ferry service from Ramsgate operated by Sally Line closed in 1998, much to the disappointment of local businesses and tourists throughout the South East. The world was different then. The channel tunnel had opened a few years earlier, road and rail links to Ramsgate were poor and duty-free purchases of cigarettes and alcohol were to be abolished the following year. Fast track to 2015 and we now have the UK's only High Speed rail service, excellent motorway links and our very own tunnel to the Port of Ramsgate avoiding congestion in and around the town. Add to this the fastest growing economy in Europe and it is easy to see why the time is right for the UK to have a passenger ferry service from Ramsgate.

The Present...

Plans to place a recycling plant at the harbour have been mercifully dismissed by our indignant citizens, but the Port of Ramsgate is now in a sorry state. Buffeted by the loss of £3.4 million from the demise of TransEuropa Ferries and rocked by a fine of £2.3 million from the illegal banning of live animal exports, our port has failed to find the passenger ferry operator its freehold owner Thanet District Council claims it is seeking … and has been seeking since 1998. Without the regular coming and going of large vessels, the port has silted up. The mud has arrived, the passengers have not. It's time for a change.

The Future...

Ramsgate Ferry seeks your help in a campaign to restore a cross-channel ferry service to Ramsgate. We have the skills, we have the experience, we have the plan but we need your support. We envisage 500,000 passengers in the second year of operations with all the benefits that they will bring to the East Kent economy and to the shops, restaurants and hotels in and around Ramsgate. Thanet has the highest unemployment in Kent. You can help us improve job prospects and bring new opportunities for the young and old in the district.


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