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Who we are

Ramsgate Ferry was formed with the objective of restoring the cross-channel ferry service to Ramsgate. Many visits to key decision-makers on the other side of the channel have convinced the directors that excellent support is available there to make berthing and terminal facilities, financial arrangements and marketing to Europe a viable proposition. Our task now is to secure similar support from the authorities at home. Our research and feasibility studies convince us that a new type of ferry service will offer passengers an attractive retail experience that will make travelling to and from Ramsgate affordable, enjoyable and repeatable. We are basing our plans on an operator using medium sized ferries that can accommodate passengers, cars and some freight that will help pay the bills, but will not block our roads or destroy the port we love.

Who benefits

After making full use of the latest direct marketing techniques to establish Ramsgate once more as a credible gateway to the continent, the ferry service will draw customers from right across the UK as well as bringing a guaranteed influx of holiday-makers from the other side of the channel. If 10% of 500,000 passengers spend just £20 each in a café, restaurant or shop, the business impact would be a £1 million a year. If only 5% of passengers stay in the area for two days or nights, the contribution to the local economy could be a further £5 million a year. Unlike a remote company with offices overseas, Ramsgate Ferry expects to fund projects that bring an agreed community benefit so that local citizens can share in its success. A flourishing ferry service will attract short-break visitors to East Kent, strengthen our commercial links with mainland Europe and encourage inward investment from which we will all benefit.

What can I do to help?

Sign up to our campaign and we will do our very best to make a cross-channel passenger ferry service a reality. We are not asking for money. We are not asking you to work, volunteer or contribute anything more than your goodwill and best wishes. If we find enough people to join us, we envisage calling a public meeting to give more details of our plans and to encourage our backers and operators to bring forward the launch of a new Ramsgate Ferry service.

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